We fly the latest flagship consumer drone from DJI - The Mavic 2 Pro. Equipped with the iconic Hasselblad 20mp camera on a 3 axis gimbal it provides smooth stable footage in just about any situation. The Mavic 2 Pro is a powerful flight platform, 31 minutes flying time on each battery, 72 kph max speed and low noise propellers that reduce aircraft noise whilst filming.



Flying Pix Ltd is a commercial SUA/UAV  operator, licensed with a PfCO by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) - operator permit number 8832. We offer professional, affordable and quick-turnaround aerial photography/video , and surveying  solutions to industry as well as to private individuals.


Clients approach Flying Pix Ltd with requests to capture special moments and places. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or special requests.



Shooting residential and commercial property is a particular speciality of Flying Pix Ltd, and a must-have if you’re looking to take full advantage of marketing your property to attract the largest number of potential buyers. We aim to capture the atmosphere of each location. If you’re interested in hiring us for this service, please get in touch today.



Drones that started out as entertainment for hobbyists have rapidly evolved into useful tools with a wide range of commercial applications in a number of industries as well as being popular for quality aerial cinematography. The construction and building inspection business has embraced the technology, particularly for roof inspections.
Such inspections can be done more quickly and at a lower cost than traditional methods, with the added benefit that there is no risk to human life or the tiles or materials on the roof. Roofs tend to bear the brunt of the elements be it rain, snow or heavy winds. Regular inspections will quickly determine the extent of any damage, areas of concern and give you all the information you might need about your roof's condition.
Such inspections without a drone are slow, labour-intensive and can potentially put people and roof material at risk. Costs will be considerably lower than traditional inspections. Why not try us?



Aerial photography or film of your wedding can give a new and exciting perspective to the photo album of your special day. We can deliver beautiful shots of the bride & groom and showcase the wedding venue at it's best.

We can work alongside your ground based photographer and liaise directly with them to come up with a working plan of the day to maximise our time at the venue and to plan the best shots possible, or we can work under our own initiative.

The possibilities that aerial photography brings will blow the traditional wedding album out of the water - nothing compares to the cinematic grandeur of aerial footage. We can capture your entire venue, all your happy guests and maybe even a breathtaking sunset. Drones can capture cinematic landscapes, spectacular views and give you a much more powerful sense of scale.



Farmers are using crop inspection drones to maximise crop growth.
One of the biggest problems that farmers face when trying to grow a large crop across multiple acres of land is that they have to survey the land often. Traditionally, farmers would need to hire a pilot and a photographer to get an bird’s eye view of what’s going on, but that can be costly. Alternatively farmers have to either use staff to check on the crops daily, or they will need to go themselves and check on crops across multiple acres. That involves a lot of time, and could very well take weeks to take care of every quadrant. If there’s a problem, applying a fix then becomes time consuming as well. Manual inspection is starting to take a back seat to drone use, and it’s something that you may not have thought about. We can help you save money, so why not give us a call?



Capture customer attention and serve emotionally engaging content by adding drone videos to your website and marketing materials. Promote your brand as cutting-edge, unique, and different whilst helping your customers engage with your product in the best way possible.

Lydd Airport.jpeg


Flying Pix Ltd offers this service to clients at a very reasonable rate.
Aid your court case or potentially avoid trial with compelling aerial evidence. We can fly around your desired location and gather detailed, high resolution aerial imagery.

Justice Scale


Solar energy and drones are a match made in heaven. Aerial imagery can provide an overhead view of solar farms and can gather critical data including temperature differences or faulty panels. Learn how Flying Pix can help you.

Solar Panels


Why not surprise someone with a special unexpected gift of Aerial Photography?

We can take care of issuing and sending the certificate. It lasts for 12 months from the date of issue, so plenty of time to arrange that special photo opportunity - whether it's for a wedding, house sale or something totally different that even we have never thought about!! If it's safe - we can do it.


Flying Pix Ltd is permitted by the CAA to operate small unmanned aircraft for the purpose of commercial operations. For the list of CAA approved drone companies click the button below



Lydd Airport, opened in 1954, was the first airport to be built in the UK following the end of the Second World War, and it was built for Silver City Airways as an all-weather replacement operating base to that of nearby Lympne Airport, whose grass runway was often waterlogged in rainy weather. The new Lydd Ferryfield was, like Lympne, used initially for car carrying air ferry services using Bristol Freighters, operating principally to Le Touquet in France. Within 5 years of opening, it was handling over 250,000 passengers annually, making it one of the busiest airports in the UK.

Silver City Airways subsequently became part of British United Air Ferries (BUAF), under the same ownership as British United Airways (BUA). The airlines used Bristol FreightersSuperfreighters and Aviation Traders Carvair aircraft on their car-carrying routes from Lydd. However the introduction of roll-on/roll-off ferries and hovercraft on cross-channel services led to a decline of the air ferry services from Lydd.

The Skyways cargo operation (that survived Dan-Air's takeover of Skyways International's passenger operations in February 1972) used three DC-3s from Air Freight Ltd which it had acquired from Skyways Air Cargo, the defunct airline's cargo subsidiary, in 1970.

Following Skyways Coach-Air's liquidation in early 1971, Air Freight initially continued the former Skyways Air Cargo operation under its own name and, in February 1973, merged with South West Aviation.

The closure of Ashford Airport in 1974 resulted in the relocation of Air Freight's headquarters and operating base to nearby Lydd Airport, where it operated using both DC-3's for cargo and Fairchild Hiller FH-227 turboprops for combined passenger and cargo operations across the UK, Channel Islands and Europe (mainly Amsterdam and Paris).

During the 1980s the airport was bought by Hards Travel from Solihull, who used the airport (along with Coventry Airport) as its base for its holiday operations to Spain, Italy and Austria, using Dart Herald and Viscount aircraft flying to Beauvais in France, where customers were transferred to coaches for the remainder of the journey. During this time Hards operated 14 flights a day from the airport, and used the large fields surrounding the airport for car parking. The main brand Hards traded under was Summer-Plan, and in the winter Ski-Plan, as well as HTS Holidays.

Expansion of the airport was approved in 2014. The expansion includes a runway extension of almost 300 m (980 ft) and a new terminal building. It is costed at £25 million.


Flying Pix Ltd holds public liability insurance of up to £10Million for each flight.


Please ask us for a copy of our CAA permit before any work is undertaken. It is a criminal offence to operate a drone commercially without a valid permit and insurance.

The law - The Drone Code





Carsten was a very experienced flier of the drone and it is comforting to know he has the requisite CAA approvals. He has a very adaptable approach, making good suggestions but also willing to be directed. The results were great."


Rob - Bodmin



Carsten came to our newly renovated house to take the aerial views of our property. This was a present for my husbands birthday. Carsten was a pleasure to deal with. Knowledgeable and very happy to take the pictures that we really wanted, along with video. So pleased with the service ! Will be asking Carsten back as we complete the next phase of our renovations and will be recommending him to friends. Great Service !

Tina Hannaway - Essex

Flying Pix came along to our recent charity golf event and took pictures and video using a drone. As we were near an airport, all the necessary clearances were obtained in advance by Flying Pix and as they are fully licensed we were confident to use them.Flying Pix agreed with the venue and those attending that photographs and video could be taken and they spend a number of hours taking some great photographs and video. Flying Pix then made a short compilation of photos and video with music and titles that was good quality and we have used this since in our social media and e mail marketing. The service, support and follow up from Carsten was first class and we would definitely use Flying Pix again. Terry Botfield, Greatstone, Romney Marsh


Wow the pictures taken on my wedding day by flying pix were unbelievable would recommend to anyone. Great service

Gary in Ashford, Kent

As a business owner, I wanted to enhance our website to include aerial photography and video.
I contacted Flying Pix who were very creative with their suggestions, and were more than willing to listen to and incorporate our suggestions. Carsten at Flying Pix really understood what we wanted to achieve for our business through our website. Would use again and highly recommend.

Patrick, West London

“Carsten took some amazing aerial shots of our house and our backyard so it'll now be a lot easier for us to accurately draw up our landscaping plans. Fast, friendly service. I highly recommend.” 

Michael Gower, Wickhambreaux, Kent.


We just wanted to say thank you for the photos, we really love them!

Gemma, Whitstable, Kent

We had some pictures taken by Flying Pix today. Amazing photos showing how close to the beautiful beach we are.

Nicola, Dymchurch, Kent



Part of the story.....

I have always been a passionate flying Dane. I've been lucky enough to have had a career where I travelled on Concorde several times. And having headed up an aircraft maintenance facility means I understand flying machines and the strictly regulated environment in which these magnificent machines operate. Having flown single engine aircraft over the years has helped me come to terms with the principles of weather, aeronautical maps and the physics that dictate flying. Flying a drone is a passion for me as is photography. Combining the two is a dream come true.



To see some of the images we took of Jon Foremans sand art over the 11 days of the festival please click the below link. 



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